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Hello and welcome!

Queeriously is a bi-weekly podcast bringing together folks from the LGBTQ+ community, allies, friends, family, and those sincerely looking for a place to speak, ask, learn, and grow. Do you have a story?


Show segments

  • Feature Interview
  • Dear Somebody
  • Glossary
  • In the News
  • Build a Better Ally
  • Support and Resources

What we're all about:

     Since 2016 I have been interested in creating a podcast centered around bringing together folks from the LGBTQ+ community, allies, friends, family, and those sincerely looking for a safe place to speak, ask, learn and grow.  My idea is a show called “Queeriously”. It’s a made up word that sounds like it should already be in the lexicon. In my mind queeriously brings together the best parts of curious, serious, and queer. Simply put, the podcast will invite us all to walk in our world a little more Queeriously. 

      I’m a middle aged, white, Christian, heterosexual, cis-gender male.  Why has creating this space become my passion? Six years ago, my youngest child came home from school and told me that they were transgender.  More specifically, they were non-binary. These were words and ideas that weren’t even in the periphery of my understanding. This began a journey.  It was never a question of love or acceptance, but what followed were dozens of conversations, some warm, some frustrating, some tearful. I was coming from a place where in the 1980’s in my small town high school it was common to snicker about someone being gay.  I had grown since then but I wasn’t really aware of gender identity and sexuality outside of the binary. At the same time, my child was growing with this newly realized identity and everything was as fresh to them as it was to me. I leaned on them as my one stop clearing house for knowledge of all things queer.  My child was patient with me. We kept growing. Sometimes we took two steps back for every one forward, but there was always love. Many people don’t have that soft place to learn and grow. Many parents and friends react with fear and misunderstanding as I initially did. Many queer kids are not accepted by their families.  I want Queeriously to be a place for all of us.

     So why are you reading this?  What am I asking? I think my heart is in the right place but I want to reach out to a more diverse group.  Do you have a story you want to share? Could you help give oversight to the content and conversations we will be having?  The Queeriously podcast will hang on a framework of a few segments. “Dear Somebody” will invite guests to share an open audio letter to someone that has influenced them on their journey in a significant way, either positively or negatively.  We may discuss news that affects or speaks to the LGBTQ+ community. We’ll invite folks to share advice, tips, and cautions for allies in “Building a Better Ally”. We also want to have a segment for queer creators, highlighting music, poetry, short stories and a wide variety of artists and craftspeople.  Additionally we will always try to have a featured guest who can share their unique life experiences, stories and insights to give voice to the far flung corners of this very diverse world.  

     All of this is a beginning.  It’s my hope that this seed of an idea can grow and take shape, evolving by the contributions of its audience and guests.